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[ TL;DR ]
Amsterdam based band that combines the dissonance of shoegaze with the raw energy of postpunk to create a high energy defence against the doom-and-gloom of modern day.

Marathon is not just a band, it’s a top-level sport. The Amsterdam-based trio is bursting with energy,
and it explodes out of them on stage, captivating audiences everywhere they go. With four Paradiso
shows under their belt, a packed Popronde, Welcome to the Village, Grauzone and many more,
Marathon has quickly amassed an impressive live reputation, culminating in a top-10 spot at
Noorderslag. Both KINK and 3voor12 recognize the band as one of the talents of 2023.

V2 Benelux has signed Marathon for their debut EP, set to be released in May 2023. This is a major
milestone for the band. Marathon’s music is a passionate response to
the crisis-ridden twenty-first century, channelling the energy of punk and the dissonance of shoegaze
and post-punk to give voice to urban anxiety. Lennart’s dynamic drumming, Kay’s aggressive vocal
delivery, and Nina’s skillful six-string bass work create an explosive mix that is both raw and polished.
Live, Marathon is a force to be reckoned with, with keyboardist Sofie and guitarist Victor bringing
even more depth to their layered songs. Together, they create a high-energy defense against the
doom and gloom of the modern world, making the uncomfortable bearable. Marathon is a band that
demands attention, and their growing fan base is a testament to their hard work.

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